Expand Your Offerings To Increase Your Market

Duane Starsmore - Thursday, October 30, 2014
We know that historically Spring and early summer usually show a nice increase in work for the trades that we work with. Customers seem to take advantage of the weather warming up and BBQ entertaining season to improve the look, feel and function of their homes. Have you considered economising even further and utilising these better times? What if you were able to offer another servic .. Read More

Expand Your Services To Include Metal Roof Restoration With SHIELDSEAL

Kemal Coutinho - Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Times are tough for homeowners at the moment so for many the idea of restoring their roof is a luxury rather than an essential. So rather than only targeting this market, why not consider branching out into metal roof restorations and increase your pool of potential customers? Shieldseal by Shieldcoat can be applied for less than $3.00 per square meter which makes it very affordable and f .. Read More