Anti Graffiti Coatings: Keep Your Property Pristine

Shieldcoat’s anti graffiti coatings are designed to resist and repel graffiti acting as a deterrent to those wishing to deface your private property.

The clear coating film is tough and resistant to a multitude of potential graffiti products. You’ll feel confident your building will continue to look great, and you won’t have to spend thousands on graffiti removal.

Apply it just once, and enjoy lasting protection. Our coatings are able to withstand harsh cleaning time and time again before requiring a re-coat.

Why not try a bit of prevention and contact us for more information on our anti graffiti coatings.

Graffitishield Remover Graffitishield Remover (109 KB)

Graffitishield Water Based Graffitishield Water Based (103 KB)

MSDS - Graffitfree W MSDS - Graffitfree W (121 KB)

MSDS - Graffitifree S MSDS - Graffitifree S (122 KB)

MSDS - Graffitshield 2PAC MSDS - Graffitshield 2PAC (123 KB)

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