Drive Your Business To Success With Shieldcoat Products And Shieldcoat Support.

There are few feelings more satisfying than reaping the rewards of hard work. At Shieldcoat, we know the success of our products has come from all the hard work we’ve put into developing them. After 16 years in business, we know the best way for our products to reach our market, is by the development of partnerships with equally ambitious and energetic businesses, who are also ready to work hard and reap the benefits.

The opportunities for success are amazing, because the products are amazing.

Working with you far beyond simple ordering and supply, we collaborate with you, offering business advice, mentoring and the benefit of our experience. Here are some of the areas in which we provide support to our partners:

  • Extensive information on how to apply each product, and the surfaces each product is best suited too, so you can speak with confidence and authority to your customers.
  • Marketing ideas and plans so you can attract customers and enquiries.
  • Assistance with financials if needed, flexible payment systems to help you get started.
  • We provide product brochures and are on call to answer any technical questions you have, giving your customers fast, accurate answers to their queries.
  • We give you ideas to help you cross sell all Shieldcoat products which are, after all very complimentary, with many opportunities to be had for new builds or renovations of properties.
  • Ongoing support for as long as we are partners.
  • Utilise our tried and tested quoting systems for your customers.
  • Use our sales guide to help you not just make more turnover, but make each sale more profitable.
  • You can make use of our templates for accounting, stock control and marketing.

Rather than just another supplier, we want to help you succeed with our products because we believe they are the best on the market.

Contact us now and let talk about the ways in which we can create a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

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