How A Search For A Better Roof Paint Led To A Burgeoning Business.

Shieldcoat had its beginnings in the roof restoration and painting industry, created out of a need for reliable, hard wearing products to protect Australian buildings from the harsh Australian climate. From a modest original goal of improving roof painting products for durability and strength, Shieldcoat have succeeded beyond all expectations, and as a result have expanded to design and create protective coatings for all kinds of surfaces under the Australian sun.

High quality products, innovative and well regarded within the industry, have been the result, and teamed with exceptional standards of service have allowed the manufacturing and distribution arms of Shieldcoat to grow and prosper.

Our commitment to creating new solutions for our customers is matched by our outstanding ability to innovate and our fierce loyalty to customers and staff has cemented Shieldcoat’s reputation as a major player in the Australian market.

Shieldcoat supplies products to thousands of Australian businesses and although based in QLD, is well on the way to becoming a household name across the nation. We’re always actively seeking opportunities with business wishing to distribute and apply Shieldcoat products, offering mentoring, support and advice at every step, to ensure strong relationships, and good business foundation, supporting the strong, steady growth of a team of distributors.

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