Here’s What A Few Of Our Happy Customers Have To Say About Our Products.

11th September 2017

"As part of an Energy Audit our school received in 2016, it was determined that our largest ‘electricity consumer’ on site was air conditioning.  With around 100 air conditioners at our school, we are trying to reduce, not increase the electricity it requires to keep our school cool.

To air condition our Year 7 building, which has a steep peaked roof, would have cost upwards of $20,000, with the increase to our electricity being around $10,000 per year.

It was suggested that the buildings be coated with a special paint, by Shieldcoat, which would not only give us another 10 years life to the roof (quite rusty, with multiple holes), but would also act as a reflective shield, and lower the temperature in the rooms considerably.

Since having the roofs in the Year 7 precinct coated, we have received no further requests to have the buildings air conditioned.  The staff open windows and turn on fans, which allows any warm air to escape, however, the temperature inside the building is nowhere near the uncomfortable level it was prior to the coating.

Our school recommends the Shieldcoat treatment to organisations wishing to reduce their cooling costs, as well as opting for a more environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning.

Please feel free to contact me should you require further information.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew O’Hanlon

PRINCIPAL at Beenleigh State High School

"....Shieldcoat have been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn't.
......Shieldcoats management are continually striving to keep up to date with the latest innovation and technology.
......The flexible pointing is a really nice product to trowel on and is a lot less susceptible to wash outs when rain is imminent.
......The sealers penetrate and stick the surface well and don't rip off and stick to your shoes like other products I've used before.
......the roof membrane flows really well when spraying and the gloss level is brilliant."
 Just some of the comments from Adam Futcher a long time Shieldcoat applicator

 " I sprayed my garden shed using Shieldcoats Thermobond and was astounded with the results. We moved to acreage about 12 months ago and we put up quite a large shed to house the kids bikes, our gardening gear and my tools and still keep a mall section for me to tinker. Unfortunately I enver used the shed at all last summer because it was way  too hot. Since we sprayed the shed with Thermobond my wife hasn't been able to get me out of there!! The only downside is my neighbours want me to do theirs as well now."
G.Seeward - Brisbane

 "Over the years I have used most of the paints on the market, but none have covered as well as Shieldcoats Ultrashield. I don't particularly enjoy painting so I will gladly use something that makes my job easier"
T. Mendes – Burleigh

 "We had a womens maternity hospital to paint in Vanuatu, and thanks to Kemal a fellow Rotarian we had the paint airfreighted to Vanuatu, clearance was taken care of and our volunteers got stuck into 400 lineal metres of painting on behalf of the Rotary club of Ashmore"
Ian Yarker PDG Rotary Hope Island

 "Shieldcoat were our major sponsors for our Annual fundraiser and contributed greatly to us providing the Robina hospital with funding for a patient transporter for the Renal ward."
Rotary Club of Robina

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