Advanced High Performance Heat Reflection

Thermobond HRC: it's the ultimate surface coating that will not only give you the best looking roof in the street, it will help you keep your cool on even the hottest of days!

Thermobond HRC is a unique heat reflective paint that repels solar infared and visible rays that cause the build up of heat in roof cavities. A water based acrylic, it can be applied to both roofs and walls and it's available in Arctic White and eight fashionable pastel colours. (Arctic White has the highest solar reflectance rating.)

This roof coating can be applied to all roofing surfaces including colourbond, Galavanised Iron, Cement Tiles, Fibro, Decramastic, Cement Sheeting and Masonry.

Thermobond HRC is ideal for all domestic and commercial applications, from houses, garages and sheds, to patios, storage tanks and more. Because it is a water based acrylic with no toxic additives, Thermobond HRC is the environmentally friendly choice and it is ideal for use on roofs used to collect drinking water.

Thermobond HRC is simply the most advanced, high performance heat reflective roof/wall coating.

What makes Thermobond different to other roof coatings on the market?

  • 10 year warranty against peeling/cracking
  • Superior heat reflection
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in many fashion colours
  • Recommended for use on Schools, Shopping Centres, Petrol Stations, Supermarkets, Air-conditioned Factories/Warehouses, Single and double storey office buildings, Library’s and Hospitals as well as homes
  • Greatly extends the life of the roof substrate

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