Seven Reasons Why You’ll Always Be Glad You Chose Shieldcoat Products To Protect The Surfaces Of Your Home, Business Or Those Of Your Customers.

Reason #1. With over 21 years in the coatings industry, you’re in safe hands when you choose Shieldcoat.

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve been working hard to improve our coatings and expand our range so we can provide the best products for the job.

Give yourself peace of mind; choose Shieldcoat products and experience the outstanding customer service that goes along with it.

Reason #2. Our products are comprised of 100% water based acrylic. Water based products are easier to clean and far less damaging to the environment.

Our quality control methods are exceptional. For example, we grind our own colours to ensure we maintain complete control over each product, and add no unnecessary extenders.

The final formula for our coatings has been painstakingly calibrated to offer the best gloss and durability, and many of our products are guaranteed for 10 years against peeling, cracking and flaking.

Reason #3. Twenty Percent of our income every year is channeled into research and development, allowing us to continue our search for the best coatings and surface protection for Australian homes.

Our products sit at the forefront of technology and we plan to keep them there, so we can continue to offer amazing products, able to stand up to whatever the Australian climate throws at it.

Over 16 years Shieldcoat has invested millions of dollars in developing and refining our surface coatings. You can have full confidence our product is the best available for your home, or the properties of your customers.

Reason #3. Shieldcoat makes products in Australia, designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate.

Wherever you are in Australia, you know the weather can be unpredictable. Soaring temperatures, wild winds, torrential rains, sometimes all on the same day!

Our coatings have been developed to withstand the diverse, unpredictable weather of this country so no matter where you’re located, you can use our products and feel confident you’ve chosen a product well qualified for the job of protecting your property and its surrounds.

Reason #5. Shieldcoat is the first Australian company in this industry to achieve certification of the ISO 14000 for environmental impact

Meaning you’re using a product which has been designed to be kind to the environment, and its manufacturing process reflects this.

Our systems of customer care and product control have also led to certification for ISO 9001-2008. Over sixteen years we’ve developed strong customer relationships and constantly improved our methods of production and delivery to better offer the best products exactly when you need them.

Reason #6. Our customer service reaches not only across the entire suite of products we produce and sell, but also exists in our ability to provide information and direction. And ultimately, for businesses interested in partnership with Shieldcoat, ongoing mentoring and business advice.

Our experts have plenty of attention to give all our customers, no matter what they’re seeking.

So if you’re interested in Shieldcoats product for your home, or if you’d like to become a registered applicator, supplier or partner with us for the long term, please contact us, and discover more from our expert team.

Reason #7. Well established and highly regarded, especially within our industry and home state of QLD, the benefit of our experience shows in both our suite of products and our high levels of customer service.

As we continue to expand and improve our products, we’ll continue to be the reliable partner our long-term customers have learned to trust.

We’re well known for our industry expertise, so why not take advantage of our experience and contact us and ask one of our friendly experts for advice or information.

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