Do Shieldcoat products come with a guarantee?

In 2011 Shieldcoat became the first and only paint company to guarantee their roof coating for significant loss of gloss and colour. Other Shieldcoat products, including our Thermobond Heat Reflective Coating and exterior/interior paint products are also covered for ten years. Just ask one of our team about the product you’re looking at.

How do I ensure I’m covered by the guarantee?

All you have to do is ensure the products are applied according to industry and manufacturer instructions. As this is going to result in the best look for your surfaces, it’s easy!

Do Shieldcoat products meet Australian standards?

Shieldcoat is proud to be one of the first painting companies to meet the conditions of ISO 14001 for environmental impact. Our 100% acrylic coatings and paints can all be washed in water, meaning a cleaner work place and less impact on the local and wider environment. Shieldcoat is extremely proud of this achievement and proud to offer environmentally sound products.

Shieldcoat also meets ISO 2000 2008.

I am working to tight deadlines. How long do the coatings take to dry before I can re-coat?

Shieldcoat products are quick drying. Most products can be recoated in 2 hours. So there is seldom any waiting time between coats, unless the surface being coated is very small.

I’m ready to purchase but not sure how to apply them?

Shieldcoat coatings and paints can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto surfaces. Different surfaces are better suited to different applications. If you’re looking at Shieldcoast for your home, make sure you contact one of our Registered Appliers of our products, because they will know exactly how best to coat your desired surface.

How are Shieldcoat products better than competition?

It’s simple; Shieldcoat has been developing and improving their coating products for 16 years, changing and enhancing the mix, the ingredients and testing under the most stringent conditions. Millions of dollars has been spent on Research and Development, and will continue to be spent, to develop new and better coatings to protect both interior and exterior surfaces from Australia’s unpredictable weather.

How can I find a registered applier?

Simply contact us via phone or email, or use our handy online search by postcode,  there’ll be one close to you

Can someone come out to my home or site and give me a quote?

Absolutely. Ask about our free visit and quote when you call us. Your nearest authorised applier can come, visit your home, property or business and discuss your particular needs. Then they’ll provide you with a no obligation quote you can review at your leisure.

Can I apply the coatings myself

Some of our products, such as our interior paints, are so easy to apply they can be done as a DIY project with great results. However, other products such as the waterproof and roof coatings, should be applied carefully by an experienced expert, for both the best results, and for the warranty to apply.

How do I get started?

That’s the easiest answer! Contact Shieldcoat now and talk to our experienced team, and find out the best product for you and where it’s available.

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