At Shieldcoat, we know the success of our products and business have come from all the time, effort and money that we have put into researching, developing and transforming our products. Distributing and supplying paint and coating products to thousands of businesses and homes Australia wide, we are well on our way to becoming a household name.

We also know the value in developing partnerships with equally ambitious businesses who pride themselves on using high quality and revolutionary products on their customers projects.  If you are a business that is looking to become a registered applicator, supplier or partner of Shieldcoat’s superior paint products and services please contact us today. We are always actively seeking opportunities to connect.

We want to support the strong steady growth of our distributors and as such, to our partners we provide the following support:

Extensive information on how to apply each product and the surfaces that each are best suited to. We understand the value in fully understanding the product and its benefits when speaking to your customers – offering them peace of mind.

Marketing plans and strategies so that you can attract enquiries and customers

Assistance with financials is needed along with flexible payment systems to help you get started.

We provide product brochures and have a customer care team on standby to answer any technical questions you have. We don’t underestimate the value in giving your customers fast and accurate answers to their questions

We help you cross sell all Shieldcoat products that are complimentary to your customers needs and requirements

Ongoing support

Utilise our tried and tested quoting systems for your customers

A sales guide

Templates for accounting, stock control and marketing

We offer mentoring, support and advice at every step because we are invested in building a strong relationship and foundation with you.

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