From clear and coloured sealers to decorative concrete overlay and non-slip coatings, Shieldcoat’s range of concrete coatings offers a solution for every application and budget.  Formulated with a focus on ease of application, superior durability and value for money, our coatings offer an acrylic alternative to outdated epoxy and alkyd coating products.



Stencilshield is Shieldcoat’s flagship concrete coating system, covered by a 7 year Colour Fast warranty.  Stencilshield is the most durable decorative concrete coating on the market, hands down.  It will not fade, requires very minimal maintenance and is suitable for use in high traffic areas.  Thanks to it’s unique acrylic formulation Stencilshield will not crack without significant movement in the concrete substrate, whereas all other traditional decorative concrete overlay products are cement based and prone to shrinking and cracking as they cure.  And thanks to the time saving benefits of Stencilshield, it won’t cost you any more than the equivalent cement based alternative.

While it is possible to apply Stencilshield as a DIY application, we recommend attending one of our training days before ordering.  These are usually held monthly at our head office in Brisbane.  Alternatively you can speak to us about getting a quote for supply and apply as part of our Shieldcoat Select program.

Available in our full range of colours, including all Colorbond colours, there is something for everyone’s taste.  We can even custom match any colour from other major paint brands!



Floorshield is rapidly becoming one of our most popular products.  It is a water based acrylic/urethane blend which outperforms traditional solvent based sealers in almost every way.  It has an extremely low odour making it perfect for people with allergies or people who are conscience about the environment.  It is self-priming on most substrates and is perfect for DIY and professional application.  Available in almost any colour in an attractive Low Sheen finish it is perfect for re-coating previously sealed concrete driveways/patios.  It even sticks to old solvent based coatings!  Mix in some of Shieldcoat’s Anti-Slip Wax Beads for a P4 wet slip rating as well.




Floorshield Fleck is new for 2020.  Through a unique application method and multiple layers, we use our Floorshield product to create the appearance of an Epoxy Flake seamless floor at a more cost effective price point.  Floorshield Fleck is just as durable as traditional epoxy products and will add value to, and improve the appearance of any garage/shed or man-cave.  Just like normal Floorshield, it has an extremely low odour making it perfect for people with allergies or people who are conscience about the environment.

The finish of Floorshield Fleck gives the perfect amount of anti-slip whilst remaining very easy to clean.  You could even mop and vacuum it.

Floorshield Fleck is a multi layered system consisting of a clear primer coat, coloured base coat, multiple coloured fleck coats and finally clear sealer.  Therefore it is not recommended as a DIY product.  If you are interested in getting a quote to have Floorshield Fleck applied at your place, we can provide this service as part of our Shieldcoat Select program.



Concreshield is the perfect choice for coating garage floors and car ports.  It can also be used to improve the appearance of old exposed aggregate driveways (an adhesion test must be conducted first).  Compared to other similar products on the market Concreshield has much better adhesion and coverage thanks to our unique formulation.  While most other paving paints require re-coating every 12-24 months, Concreshield will usually last 4 to 5 years in a residential application, saving you time and money.  Available in a Low Sheen or Satin finish, Concreshield can be combined with Shieldcoat’s Anti-Slip Wax Beads for a P4 wet slip rating (from ATTAR).

For those sensitive to strong chemical smells during application we recommend looking at our water-based alternative, Floorshield.

Note: Concreshield can be quite slippery when wet.  We recommend adding Anti-Slip for all exterior applications.  Or if you have a driveway/path that is not flat, or very close to flat, we recommend you look at our Step Safe Kit instead.

Coverage = 5sqm/Lt so 1 x15Lt is enough for 2 coats in a double garage


DIY Anti-slip Coating

Step Safe is a DIY anti-slip coating system which can be tinted to almost any colour.  It is far more durable than other concrete sealers.  So it will not need re-coating every 12-24 months.  It also achieves the highest possible P5 anti-slip rating.  This makes Step Safe perfect for reviving stamped and stencil pattern driveways, plain concrete, pool surrounds, patio’s and paths.

Step Safe is available in a wide range of popular colours.  These can be viewed on a number of example driveways on our Colour Chart page.

Step Safe can be purchased as a kit via our Online Store.   The kit includes the correct amount of undercoat (Primer Plus), base coat (Step Safe) and a top coat (Floorshield) required for the size you choose.  For example, the 60sqm kit (our most popular option) includes 10Lt’s of Primer Plus, 15Lt’s of Step Safe and 10Lt’s of Floorshield.  Both the Step Safe and Floorshield will be in the colour of your choice.  Also included in the kit are detailed application instructions.  Each product is applied by paint roller or brush and is water based.  Why not add a Roller Kit to your order.

**We do not recommend using very light colours (like Surfmist) on a driveway as it will show dirt and rubber marks.  Basalt is a very popular choice**


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