Does my Roof Need Cleaning ?

Your roof is exposed to varying weather conditions that lead to collection of dirt and debris. There’s a common and widespread misconception that rainwater washes off all the dirt and grime that’s settled on the roof. While that may get rid of the visible dirt and debris, it still leaves your roof to be a habitat for micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae, moss, fungus/lichen and many more! In fact, another misconception is the black streaks on the shingles indicate wear and tear.

It’s no surprise, roof cleaning is probably the last thing homeowners think about. Some even believe a quick wash using a garden hose or a high pressure wash can help your roof looking clean, and this is nothing but just bad news for your roof!  High pressure washing can dislodge the roofing material granules, making your roof and home more susceptible to damage. Hiring the right professionals can help prevent such damages to your roof and save on a costly roof replacement!

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What Makes Us Different ?

We are one of the oldest manufacturers of roof restoration products in Australia. Our commitment to quality and continually improving our products has enabled us to develop advanced formulation than encapsulate asbestos fibres and prevent from being airborne, hence protecting your family, friends and co-workers. Here are some key features that makes Shieldcoat and our products unique and probably the best in the world!

Our unique manufacturing process uses our proprietary Colourfast technology that locks in the colour and prevents fading. We’re so confident in our product that we’re the only one in the top 3 manufacturers in the country to provide an Anti-fade guarantee.

With over 21 years of experience, we’re one of the oldest manufacturers of superior roof restoration products. We’re proud to be an Australian made brand that exports it’s products to 7 other countries.

Our Shieldcoat Select program will ensure the best tradesmen is used on your roof, the correct type and amount of product is used and an ironclad guarantee that will cover both the products used and workmanship.

Our meticulously research and develop products that are safe, environmentally friendly and offer the best durability and longevity has enabled us to bring a superior solution for asbestos roofs that encapsulates asbestos particles from being airborne.

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