Why Maintain a Tile Roof?

Simply put, tile roofs are just as beautiful as they are durable. They offer versatility in shape, size and colour that no other roof type offers. Known for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, they are the first preference for many home owners. However, tile roofs do need to be regularly inspected for cracks, chips, moisture and leaks.

What Makes Us Different?

We are one of the oldest manufacturers of roof restoration products in Australia today. Our commitment to continually improve our products and to provide high quality coatings solutions has driven us to develop many advanced formulations. For example, systems that encapsulate asbestos fibres and prevent them from becoming airborne, hence protecting your family, friends and co-workers.

Here are some key features that makes Shieldcoat and our products unique and that we proudly believe to be the best in the world!

Our unique manufacturing process uses a proprietary Colourfast technology that locks in the colour and resists fading. We are so confident in our technology and products that we offer an industry first Anti-fade Warranty.

With over 21 years of experience, we are one of the oldest manufacturers of superior roof restoration products in Australia today. We are very proud to be an Australian made and owned brand that exports products to 7 other countries.


Our Shieldcoat Select program will ensure that the best tradesmen using the correct system, product and quantity is used on your roof. All of which is covered by an ironclad warranty covering both product and workmanship.

Our meticulously researched and developed products are safe, environmentally friendly and offer superior durability and longevity. We offer superior solutions for specific and often difficult to coat substates.

Enhance the value of your property today!

Our Products

Roofbond Flexible Pointing

Roofbond Flexible Pointing is the most user friendly product available.

  • Roofbond Flexible Pointing gives a smooth, fine finish with superior adhesion, flexibility and durability.
  • Roofbond Flexible Pointing is available in 17 standard colours.
  • Custom colours are also available on request.

Roofbond Membrane

Roofbond Roof Membrane is a premium quality acrylic coating designed to coat or re-coat all roof substrates.

  • Roofbond Roof Membrane has been specifically formulated and tested to ensure outstanding durability in Australia’s harsh climate.
  • Roofbond Roof Membrane is available in 35 standard colours.
  • Custom colours are also available on request.



Nanoprotect SC-96

Nanoprotect SC-96 is Shieldcoat’s revolutionary ultra premium clear protective top coat for all roof types.

  • Nanoprotect SC-95 provides superior UV and fade resistance, while it’s harder, denser film greatly enhances the system durability and protects from dirt and pollution.

Shieldseal CT401

Shieldseal CT401 is Shieldcoat’s new premium primer/sealer for cement tile roofs.

  • Shieldseal CT401 is an evolution of the Shieldseal W formula.
  • Shieldseal CT401 incorporates Shieldcoat’s new fade resistant technology.
  • Shieldseal CT401 incorporates wet adhesion promoters and fine particle size allowing greater penetration into the surface of the tile.

Shieldseal W

Shieldseal W Plus is an acrylic based sealer/primer specifically designed to penetrate and seal fibro (including asbestos) and prime metal (including Colorbond® and zinc) roofs. Shieldseal W Plus is used in preparation for Roofbond Roof Membranes to follow.

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Shieldcoat Colours

Our superior paints are developed and manufactured with an advanced technology that reduces fade and ensures your interiors, exteriors, roofs and driveways looking new for years. We offer a wide range of colours to choose from but that’s not all! We offer customised colour options to match your needs.

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