Lyndons & Shieldcoat have joined forces


From September 1st 2018, all your favourite Shieldcoat products will be available from 10 Lyndon stores right across Queensland.

All Shieldcoat account customers will be able to open up an account with Lyndons with access to over 6000 hardware items all at very competitive prices. Prices will be the same at all the Lyndons stores. Duane Starsmore from our Burleigh trade centre has been offered a position at the Lyndons Burleigh store, to continue the same service that he has always given to our customers on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers areas. Phone numbers will remain the same to make the transition as seamless as possible. Other benefits include longer store opening hours (6.30-4.30 Monday to Friday) and an improved delivery network, servicing most areas twice daily.

Adrian Gash (ex Dulux Acratex ) who many of you will know will be looking after the Gold Coast and Brisbane customers, assisted by Israel Stratton in Northern Rivers area and Chris Bain in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

We have also taken on a new sales rep Jason Sinclair ex CCS and Parchem who will look after our Concrete Coatings customers, Ken Lennie who is our Commercial Projects Representative and Dale Brennan who has recently joined us to look after our Architectural Coatings customers.

Shieldcoat staff are still very much available for technical advice and training.

If you have any concerns or questions please give us a call on 32746911.

Finn and I have been truly fortunate to have gone on this journey with our customers and we are looking forward to the next phase in our business journey, Kemal & Finn

Finally an alternative to cementitious coatings like covercrete



Stencilshield is a flexible texture coating that is a brilliant alternative for Covercrete, On-Crete and similar cementitious coatings. We have marketed Stencilshield in Australia, Malaysia and New Caledonia for over 15 years and it currently adorns government facilities, airports, shopping centres, childcare facilities, theme parks , median strips ,as well as driveways, pathways and patios. Over the last 15 years there have been over 500,000 householders in Australia alone that have had Stencilshield applied on concrete surfaces around their homes.

Cementitious vs Stencilshield

Mix for up to 5 minutes per bag / Stencilshield comes in ready to use 10lt pails

Not Flexible and cracks easily / Extremely flexible and resists cracks more easily

Goes off within 5-10 minutes in the bucket / Has a much greater open life

Inhaling dust when mixing / No dust, no mixing, safer for applicator

Limited Colour Range / Can be tinted to over 1000 colours

Fades unless sealed / Uses colourfast technology and doesn’t need to be sealed to lock in colour

Subject to efflorescence / Not affected by efflorescence

Not ready to use / comes pre-tinted, pre-mixed and ready to use

limited shelf life once mixed / can be kept for months and sometimes years if stored correctly

Application is very similar to cementitious coatings and requires adequate preparation of the surface, a primer and 2 coats of the stencilshield. A coloured fleck finishes it off nicely. The clear sealer is optional, but it does help with the cleaning.

Stencilshield is available at all the Lyndons stores in Queensland. Call us now on 07 3274 6911 to try the product out yourself. Pricing is very competitive with the cementitious products.

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