Increase the street appeal of a property with our easy-to-use, premixed coating system for driveways, pathways and patio areas. It’s long lasting and far less likely to crack or fade over time, unlike its concrete based competitors.

Available in 52 colours, offering excellent adhesion and providing a safe, anti-slip result, Shieldcoat’s Stencilshield coating is an excellent choice for a new driveway, or to give an old driveway a facelift. And because the colour doesn’t fade, you can easily add to the covered area without having to completely recoat, saving time and money.

Stencilshield driveway coatings save application time because they’re delivered ready to use. Once you’ve made your choice from our range of 52 colours, the product arrives premixed, coloured and ready to apply by hopper gun.

Providing excellent strength, flexibility, extremely good colour fastness and complete ease of use, and a fabulous result every time.

Plus, the Stencilshield system washes up in water, so it’s easy to clean up, and kind to the environment too.

Find out more about our stunning range of colours, registered applicators and ease of use.

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Roofbond Nanoprotect 5 Coat System

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