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Shieldcoat, the industry leading Roof Membrane manufacturer in South East Queensland have been involved in over 25000 roof restorations in the Gold Coast region over a 25 year period. The focus has been on residential projects in the past, however since we partnered with Lyndons Burleigh and Lyndons Nerang we have tendered and won a few commercial projects including Heat Reflective Coating on 2 roofs at Seaworld using Shieldcoat’s Thermobond HRC. Thermobond is a highly effective Heat Reflective Coating that has been tested by Oakland Laboratories in California as well as Independently tested in a joint study by The Queensland University of Technology and Ergon Energy to determine the effectiveness of Thermobond to reduce the use of air-conditioning.

Our Partners

Shieldcoat has partnered with a number of Roofing Contractors, Roof Restorers and Painters to provide the best outcomes based experience for our customers. Our partners have been using the Shieldcoat system for a minimum of 10 years and undergo regular training and audits. The audits include testing for coating thickness, spray technique, OH&S and technical knowledge. Our partnership programme has been developed over nearly 25 years and as such when a quote is done using the Shieldcoat Select programme, Shieldcoat will honour both the manufacturers warranty as well as. the workmanship warranty. This is the most comprehensive warranty by any manufacturer in Australia that has been producing Roof Membranes for at least as long as their warranty.

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Roofbond Roof Membrane

Roofbond has been the industry stalwart for nearly 25 years . Using a proprietary acrylic that is produced in Australia specifically for Shieldcoat, Roofbond is included in the Australian Made programme. Utilising predominantly Australian made raw materials Shieldcoat supports Australian Manufacturers and local employment. By using predominantly Australian Made raw materials we know that the ingredients are designed for Australia’s harsh environment. With over ten years of outdoor weather exposure using Shieldcoats unique colourfast system on every roofing substrate we are confident you won’t find a better system.

2 replies
  1. Steve says:

    I have a colourbond roof that is in need of a roof restoration/repaint in Brisbane. As someone who knows nothing about roof paints what makes your product better than others available on the market like Dulux Acratex, Globalcote or Nutech? I want my repaint to last a long time without having to worry about it having problems i.e. fading, peeling, chalking or cracking.

  2. Kemal says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your enquiry. I can’t really talk about the other manufacturers, Shieldcoat have been producing quality roof coatings for 25 years in Queensland and are the only company in Australia that offer a guarantee for fading (6 year). Our unique 5 coat system has had nearly 10 years real exposure testing and 15 years simulated testing in our own QUV testing chamber. The issue is not so much the coating but the application, we are continually seeing work done by applicators that simply do not meet the manufacturers standards. If the roof has been cleaned properly paint won’t peel, if the right amount of paint has been applied and allowed to dry evenly between coats, it won’t crack or peel. Chalking and fading can be reduced by applying sufficient paint to the substrate, however, paints do fade. Shieldcoats Nanoprotect system improves the fading considerably and we haven’t seen one fail in the last ten years when it has been applied correctly. Using Shieldcoats Select System we will warranty the application and product. Give me a call on 0430178562 if you would like to proceed.

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