Rusty Metal Restoration

Breathe Life Back into Your Rusty Metal Roof with Shieldcoat

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Revive, Not Replace - A Cost-Effective Solution

Your metal roof deserves a second chance, and Shieldcoat offers just that. As a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option compared to replacing your roof, our restoration process curbs the spread of surface rust and refreshes your metal roof's aesthetic appeal. With Shieldcoat's dual restoration solutions, Rustshield W and Rustshield AL, your roof gets a new lease of life. Rustshield W, a water-based undercoat, halts rust progression and prepares the roof for a fresh coat of our proven Roofbond Roof Membrane or Thermobond HRC top coats. For those seeking to replicate the lustrous look of a new zincalume roof, Rustshield AL, a solvent-based coating, delivers impeccably. Although these restoration procedures are often undertaken by professionals, our products are also suitable for DIY enthusiasts equipped with the right tools. Whether for residential, industrial, or farming applications, Shieldcoat gives your roof the makeover it needs.

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Cost-Effective - Restore Don't Replace

Choosing to restore rather than replace your metal roof with Shieldcoat's solutions saves you both time and money, making it a smart, cost-effective choice.

Warranty Assured - We've Got You Covered

Many of our competitors shy away from offering a warranty for coating a rusty roof - not us. At Shieldcoat, we stand behind our solutions and the longevity they provide. We offer a 7-year warranty for our Rustshield AL, and for those opting for the Rustshield W, we provide an impressive warranty of up to 12 years. This is our commitment to you - high-quality products that you can trust, supported by warranties that ensure your peace of mind.

Versatile Finishes - Tailored to Your Needs

With options for both an undercoat that stops rust (Rustshield W) and a finish that mimics a new zincalume roof (Rustshield AL), Shieldcoat caters to diverse aesthetic and functional requirements.



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How does Rustshield AL differ from Rustshield W?

Rustshield AL is aluminum-based for high heat areas, while Rustshield W is a water-based option for general rust protection.

How does Shieldcoat address rust on metal surfaces?

Rustshield products from Shieldcoat provide superior rust prevention and treatment, extending the life of metal surfaces.