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Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Car Park Coating Excellence with Shieldcoat

For car parks, where durability meets safety, Shieldcoat's solutions are unmatched. Our Concreshield provides exceptional strength and longevity to withstand constant vehicular traffic. To combat slips and falls, our Floorshield with Anti-Slip Additive ensures a safe, non-slip surface. Shieldseal W Plus primes surfaces effectively, enhancing adherence and lifespan of coatings. In areas exposed to extreme temperatures, Thermobond HRC reflects heat, preserving the integrity of the structure. Our commitment to innovation is evident in these products, all backed by Shieldcoat's industry-leading warranties. Opt for Shieldcoat to transform your car park into a safe, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing space.

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What you need to know to get started.

Assess Your Car Park's Needs

Start by evaluating the specific requirements of your car park, considering factors like traffic volume, weather exposure, and safety needs.

Select the Appropriate Coatings

Choose from our range of coatings, like Concreshield for durability and Floorshield with Anti-Slip Additive for safety, to cater to your car park’s unique demands.

Surface Preparation

Ensure a lasting finish by properly preparing surfaces with Shieldseal W Plus, creating the perfect base for subsequent coatings.

Application Process

Apply our products following our easy-to-use guidelines, ensuring a professional and enduring finish, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional.

Enjoy Enhanced Safety and Longevity

With Shieldcoat, experience the peace of mind that comes from a safer, more durable car park, protected against wear and tear for years to come.

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