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Revitalize Your Marina with Shieldcoat

The marine environment is harsh, it takes a toll on your pontoons, but replacing them is costly and time-consuming. Here's where Shieldcoat comes in. Our innovative concrete coatings offer a cost-effective solution, revitalizing weathered and cracked pontoons and bringing them back to life. But the benefits don't stop there. Shieldcoat also ensures your pontoons are non-slip, offering safety underfoot for your marina customers. Plus, our coatings not only restore your pontoons to their former glory, but they also extend their life and enhance the overall value of your marina. Experience the transformative power of Shieldcoat, the smart choice for your marina pontoons.

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Minimal Disruption, Maximum Outcome

Enhance your Marina's aesthetics without disturbing your clientele. With Shieldcoat, the application process is swift and unobtrusive, allowing your Marina to function as usual while we work our magic.

Colourful Safety Guaranteed

With Shieldcoat, you get to choose from a spectrum of colours for your pontoon's fresh coat. What's more? Our coating boasts a P4 anti-slip rating, merging safety and aesthetics perfectly.

Ease of Maintenance

Shieldcoat takes the hassle out of pontoon upkeep. Our coatings are so user-friendly that your Marina's maintenance staff can easily handle cleaning and touch-ups, keeping your pontoons looking fresh and new.

Assured Longevity

Shieldcoat's commitment to you extends beyond just application. We back our products with a robust 5-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your pontoons will stand the test of time.


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Can Shieldcoat coatings be used on marina surfaces?

Yes, Shieldcoat's marine-grade coatings offer excellent protection against saltwater corrosion and harsh marine environments.