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Ensure Safety and Durability with Shieldcoat's Anti Slip Solutions

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Anti Slip Solutions: Safety Meets Innovation with Shieldcoat

Slippery surfaces are a safety hazard, especially in high-traffic public areas. Shieldcoat's Anti Slip solutions combine safety with durability, providing a secure footing without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Our innovative Concreshield, mixed with Anti-Slip Additive, creates a textured, slip-resistant surface ideal for walkways, driveways, and public spaces. For industrial and commercial settings, Floorshield offers a robust, high-performance finish, ensuring areas remain safe and visually pleasing. With Shieldcoat, embrace the peace of mind that comes with surfaces that are as safe as they are strong.

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What you need to know to get started.

Identify Risk Areas

Assess your space to identify areas that are prone to slips and falls. Our solutions are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Select the Appropriate Product

Choose from our range of Anti Slip products to match your specific needs. Whether it's Concreshield for pathways or Floorshield for commercial spaces, we have you covered.

Prepare the Surface

Ensure the surface is clean and ready for application. Proper preparation is key to achieving optimal results and longevity.

Apply the Coating

Mix the Anti-Slip Additive with your chosen product and apply it evenly for a uniform, slip-resistant finish.

Enjoy Enhanced Safety

With Shieldcoat's Anti Slip solutions, experience increased safety and durability, ensuring a secure environment for all.

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Have more questions than answers? Find our more about our products below.
Can Shieldcoat's anti-slip solutions be applied to existing floor surfaces?

Yes, Shieldcoat's anti-slip solutions can be readily applied over existing floor surfaces, providing an effective and immediate enhancement in slip-resistance.

What features make Shieldcoat's anti-slip products a must-have for safety?

Shieldcoat's anti-slip products feature a high-traction surface finish, excellent durability, and resistance to wear, making them essential for ensuring safety in high-risk areas.

What are the benefits of using Step Safe for slippery areas?

Step Safe provides a non-slip surface, ensuring safety in wet or slippery areas like pools and patios.