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Why Choose Shieldcoat?

When it comes to sprucing up your basketball court, Shieldcoat is the slam dunk choice. Our water-based concrete coatings are kind to the environment and a breeze for DIY enthusiasts. With Shieldcoat's extensive color palette, your court can boast the vibrant hues of your favorite teams or create a unique identity that stands out. What’s more, our products are formulated to be user-friendly, making the application process a layup even for those new to DIY projects. Experience unmatched versatility and performance, and give your basketball court a championship-worthy makeover with Shieldcoat.

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Guard Your Court’s Future

Shieldcoat offers an ironclad warranty for your peace of mind. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction means that your court’s vibrant colors and surface integrity will stand the test of time. Trust in Shieldcoat to protect and maintain the excellence of your court for years to come.

Stay Upright, Play Right

Maintain footing and execute flawless plays with Shieldcoat's anti-slip coatings. Our products are rated P4 and P5 on the Wet Pendulum Test, ensuring optimal slip resistance. This means safer and more enjoyable gameplay, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Elevate your game and prioritize safety with Shieldcoat.

Play Green, Stay Pristine

Choose Shieldcoat and make an eco-conscious choice for your basketball court. Our water-based coatings are not just high performance, but also environmentally friendly. With Shieldcoat, you’re choosing a sustainable option that minimizes harmful emissions and keeps your court looking impeccable, while also showing care for the planet.



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What Shieldcoat products are recommended for basketball court surfaces?

For basketball courts, Stencilshield products offer durability and vibrant color, ensuring a long-lasting, high-performance surface.