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Durability Meets Affordability in Every Application

Select Shieldcoat for your public space concrete coatings and reap the rewards of a product that offers the perfect blend of cost effectiveness and proven durability. Our acrylic resin technology not only ensures a long-lasting finish but also effortlessly exceeds non-slip requirements, making public areas safer and more accessible. Trust Shieldcoat to provide an unbeatable combination of value and performance, delivering coatings that stand up to the rigors of high-traffic areas without breaking the bank.

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Step Safe - DIY Anti-Slip Coatings
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Proudly Australian Owned and Made

Choose Shieldcoat to support local business, with all our products proudly made and owned in Australia.

Assured Quality with Our Warranty

Experience peace of mind with our excellent warranty, a testament to the faith we place in our products.

Nature's Ally: Environmentally Friendly

Our products align with environmental standards, ensuring we contribute positively to a greener future.



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What makes Stencilshield Fleck Coat ideal for decorative surfaces?

Stencilshield Fleck Coat is perfect for creating decorative, textured surfaces with its durable and colorful finish.

Can Shieldcoat products be used for public space projects?

Yes, Shieldcoat offers a range of products ideal for public spaces, known for their durability and aesthetic appeal.