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Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Rejuvenate, Restore, and Protect with Shieldcoat

Shieldcoat's Roofbond Roof Membrane offers the ideal solution to breath new life into your aged, faded, and oxidised metal roofs. We don't just improve the aesthetic of your home, we enhance its overall longevity and functionality. Our products allow you to recolour or restore your existing colour to its former glory while ensuring the roof's suitability for safe drinking water collection. And, unique to Shieldcoat, we have developed a solution for rusty roofs - our innovative Rustshield W primer. Unlike other companies, we address the issue of rust before applying the top coat, ensuring a comprehensive solution that our competitors simply can't match. Plus, our commitment to quality is backed by the same colour fade warranty we offer for concrete roof tiles.

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What you need to know to get started.

Safe Drinking Water Collection

With Shieldcoat's Roofbond Roof Membrane, the collection of safe drinking water is guaranteed. We ensure our coatings do not affect the quality of the water collected, ensuring your health and safety.

Colorfast Warranty

As with our concrete roof tile solutions, Shieldcoat provides a warranty protecting against significant colour fade. Trust in Shieldcoat to maintain your chosen aesthetic for years to come.

Solution for Rusty Roofs

When it comes to rusty metal roofs, Shieldcoat steps up where others fall short. Our unique Rustshield W primer offers a preemptive solution against rust, an advantage you won't find with our competitors.

A factory like finish

Shieldcoat's Roofbond Membrane and Thermobond HRC are the best choice for coating metal roofs. They are easier and faster to apply, with no overlap lines when spraying on warm days, or when stopping and starting. Countless roofers with long term experience have marvelled at the ease at which they can apply Shieldcoat products on metal.


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Have more questions than answers? Find our more about our products below.
How does Shieldcoat ensure long-lasting protection for metal roofing?

Shieldcoat uses advanced coating technologies that provide a resilient layer on metal roofs, effectively preventing corrosion, fading, and thermal damage.

What advantages do Shieldcoat coatings offer for metal roofs?

Shieldcoat coatings for metal roofs offer superior protection against rust, UV radiation, and extreme weather, ensuring long-lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.

What advantages does Shieldseal X offer for exterior coatings?

Shieldseal X offers robust protection against weathering and UV damage, ensuring long-lasting exterior surface protection.