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Tilt Panel Painting Mastery with Shieldcoat

Tilt panel construction demands a specific approach to painting, and Shieldcoat's expertise in this field is unparalleled. Our Ultrashield Tilt Panel Primer ensures optimal adhesion and longevity, setting the stage for a flawless finish. Following this, our Ultrashield range, including both Interior/Exterior options, provides a tough, weather-resistant coating that stands up to the rigors of both indoor and outdoor environments. For sealing and protection, Shieldseal CT401 is an ideal choice, enhancing durability while maintaining aesthetic quality. Our solutions are not just about paint; they're about delivering peace of mind with every brushstroke, backed by years of research and a commitment to quality that's second to none.

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What you need to know to get started.

Evaluate Your Panels

Start by assessing the condition of your tilt panels. This will help determine the appropriate Shieldcoat products and techniques for your project.

Prime for Perfection

Use Ultrashield Tilt Panel Primer for a strong foundation, ensuring that the topcoat adheres perfectly and lasts longer.

Choose Your Coating

Select from our Ultrashield range, tailored for both interior and exterior surfaces, to provide superior protection and a stunning finish.

Seal and Protect

Apply Shieldseal CT401 to enhance durability and ensure your panels withstand the test of time and elements.

Admire the Outcome

Enjoy the enduring beauty and resilience of your tilt panels, knowing they're coated with the best in the industry.

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