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Enhance and Protect Your Exterior Walls with Shieldcoat

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Exterior Walls/Cladding: Unmatched Protection with Shieldcoat

Shieldcoat's solutions for exterior walls and cladding are a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Ultrashield Exterior provides long-lasting protection and a fresh look, while Shieldseal AE and W Plus ensure excellent adhesion and durability. Our Mouldshield series combat mold and mildew, essential for maintaining the integrity and appearance of exterior surfaces. With our products, walls and cladding not only gain enhanced aesthetic appeal but also a shield against the elements, ensuring a lasting finish.

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What you need to know to get started.

Identify Your Needs

Evaluate the condition of your exterior walls or cladding to determine the specific Shieldcoat products that will best suit your project.

Select the Right Coatings

Choose from our range of coatings like Ultrashield Exterior for weather resilience, or Shieldseal for superior adhesion on challenging surfaces.

Prepare Your Surface

Ensure a clean and stable surface using our Mouldshield products, providing the perfect base for effective coating application.

Apply and Transform

Apply our coatings easily, transforming your exterior walls and cladding into durable, visually appealing structures.

Enjoy the Benefits

Admire the rejuvenated appearance and enjoy the long-term protection and enhanced value that Shieldcoat brings to your property.

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Have more questions than answers? Find our more about our products below.
What makes Shieldseal AE suitable for exterior applications?

Shieldseal AE is formulated for exceptional adhesion and weather resistance, making it ideal for exterior walls and surfaces.

How does Shieldseal W provide weather protection?

Shieldseal W offers excellent weather resistance, protecting surfaces from rain, sun, and environmental damage.

Can NanoProtect be used on exterior walls for added protection?

Yes, NanoProtect offers enhanced UV and weather protection for exterior walls, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Are Shieldcoat's exterior wall claddings weather-resistant?

Absolutely, Shieldcoat's exterior wall claddings are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining their color and integrity over time.