Fix Tired And Cracked Driveways In No Time Flat.

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

A Proven Four Steps Process For A Premium Finish.

Transform your driveway into a stunning and durable feature of your home with Shieldcoat's range of high-quality coatings. Our process starts with a thorough assessment of your driveway to determine the right products and application techniques to use. Our team of experienced professionals will prepare the surface of your driveway by cleaning and repairing any damage or cracks. We then apply our specially-formulated coatings that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy use, and wear and tear.

Our Shieldcoat Epoxy Driveway Coating is a popular choice, as it provides exceptional durability and chemical resistance, and comes in a range of colours to suit your style. For a more decorative look, our Shieldcoat Concrete Stain and Shieldcoat Concrete Resurfacer can add colour and texture to your driveway while still providing the same level of protection.

Our Shieldcoat Concrete Sealer is also an excellent choice to protect your driveway from stains, oil, and other contaminants. Trust Shieldcoat to transform your driveway into a long-lasting, beautiful feature of your home.

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What you need to know to get started.

Understanding your driveway's needs

Before starting a driveway coating project, it's important to assess your driveway's condition and determine what type of coating will best suit its needs. This includes considering factors such as the age and condition of the driveway, the level of foot and vehicle traffic it receives, and the local climate.

The importance of surface preparation

Proper surface preparation is critical for ensuring that your driveway coating adheres well and lasts as long as possible. This may involve cleaning, repairing cracks or other damage, and allowing the surface to dry completely before applying the coating.

Choosing the right coating for your driveway

There are many different types of driveway coatings available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. It's important to consider factors such as durability, resistance to stains and chemicals, and aesthetic appeal when choosing the right coating for your driveway.

Working with a professional

While it may be tempting to tackle a driveway coating project on your own, working with a professional can help ensure a high-quality result. A professional will have the experience, tools, and expertise needed to properly prepare the surface, apply the coating evenly, and ensure a long-lasting finish.


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What makes Shieldcoat's driveway coatings stand out?

Shieldcoat's driveway coatings are formulated for extreme durability, resistance to weathering and stains, ensuring a pristine appearance for years.