Restore Your Asbestos Roof Safely with Shieldcoat

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Asbestos Restoration: Safer, Cost-Effective with Shieldcoat

Asbestos roofs cannot be cleaned by conventional methods due to the risk of asbestos fibre release. Shieldcoat offers a safe and cost-effective solution. Our system, backed by a 10-year warranty, involves using Mouldshield K to eliminate mold and lichens, followed by Shieldseal AE, an asbestos encapsulation primer. Next, Fillabond, a high-build coating, is applied to smooth out surface imperfections. Finally, Roofbond Roof Membrane or Thermobond HRC in your chosen colour is applied. This not only restores the roof's appearance but also securely encapsulates the asbestos, saving you the high costs and risks involved in asbestos removal.

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What you need to know to get started.

Mouldshield K: Effective Cleaning

Mouldshield K from Shieldcoat effectively kills mould and lichens on your asbestos roof, preparing it for the next steps in the restoration process.

Shieldseal AE: Safe Asbestos Encapsulation

Our Shieldseal AE asbestos encapsulation primer locks in asbestos fibres, providing a safe base for further restoration and eliminating the risk of harmful fibre release.

Fillabond: High-Build Coating for a perfect finish

Fillabond, a high-build coating, fills in surface imperfections in your asbestos roof, preparing it for the final topcoat and ensuring a smooth finish. Without it, roofs can be left looking patchy, as variations in the orientation of the fibres cause the top coat to appear dull in places.

Roofbond Roof Membrane or Thermobond HRC

Roofbond Roof Membrane, revitalises your roof with a fresh new look in any colour you choose. Thermobond HRC provides a heat reflective alternative for increased comfort and reduced cooling energy costs.

Finishing touch

NanoProtect is the optional final touch for a thorough restoration of an asbestos roof. The warranty period increases to 12 years, with the first 6 covered by Shieldcoat's uniqe Colourfast warranty.

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Is there a Shieldcoat product suitable for asbestos-covered surfaces?

Shieldcoat's Rustshield products are ideal for asbestos surfaces, providing a protective layer that seals and prevents deterioration.