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Safe and Vibrant School Paths & Play Areas with Shieldcoat

Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Shieldcoat: Ensuring Safety and Durability in Schools

Safety and durability are paramount in schools, and Shieldcoat's Concrete Coatings are designed to meet these essential needs. Our Concreshield not only provides a robust and long-lasting surface ideal for high-traffic school paths and play areas but also ensures safety with its anti-slip properties. We complement this with our Anti-Slip Additive for extra traction. Easy Mask Tape and Microfibre Roller Covers facilitate a precise and smooth application process, while our Roller Kit ensures an even and professional finish. With Shieldcoat, schools can create engaging, colorful, and safe environments for students to learn and play.

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What you need to know to get started.

Evaluate Your School's Needs

Start by assessing the specific areas in your school that require attention. Our products are perfect for pathways, playgrounds, and any high-traffic area needing durable and safe surfacing.

Select the Right Products

Choose Concreshield for its durability and anti-slip properties, ensuring a safe environment for children. Add our Anti-Slip Additive for extra safety on play areas.

Prepare the Surface

Proper surface preparation is crucial. Clean the area and use Easy Mask Tape for precision before applying the coating for a flawless finish.

Apply with Ease

Our products, including Microfibre Roller Covers and Roller Kits, are designed for easy application, ensuring a smooth process with professional results.

Enjoy a Safe and Engaging Space

With Shieldcoat, your school paths and play areas will not only be safe and durable but also visually appealing, contributing to a vibrant learning environment.

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