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Innovative, Tailored Solutions for Concrete Roofs

Shieldcoat's innovative line of primers and undercoats caters to a variety of concrete tile roofs, taking into account age and type of tile to address varying levels of porosity. Not only do our products serve as a failsafe for previously painted roofs, but they also make safe drinking water collection possible, setting your mind at ease. Additionally, we stand as the only company to offer a warranty against significant color fading, protecting both your roof and your investment. With Shieldcoat, you can rely on tailored, top-tier solutions that promise to weather the test of time.

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Stop Leaks, Before They Start

Shieldcoat's innovative range of "Shieldseal" roof tile primers, combined with our Roofbond Roof Membrane provide a robust shield against weathering and porous tiles, helping to keep your roof protected against leaks.

Safe Drinking Water Collection

Shieldcoat products are designed with safety in mind, ensuring you can collect drinking water from your roof without concern, just 7 days (or the 1st heavy rain) after application.

Fading is a Thing of the Past

Our unique "Colourfast" warranty offers protection against significant colour fading, ensuring your roof's aesthetics are preserved for years to come.

Unmatched Warranty on Re-coating

While many of our competitors shy away from offering warranties on recoated, previously painted roofs, Shieldcoat stands firm in its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. When you choose to recoat with Shieldcoat, you receive the assurance of our warranty, given you follow our comprehensive instructions. With Shieldcoat, we extend our trust and guarantee to every project, regardless of its history, providing you with peace of mind alongside a beautifully recoated roof.

Versatile Primers for Diverse Needs

Shieldcoat offers three different primers/undercoats suited to various types of concrete roof tiles, providing targeted solutions based on the tile's age and porosity.

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