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Why Choose Shieldcoat?

Terracotta Tile Restoration: Expertise and Quality with Shieldcoat

Reviving the natural charm of clay terracotta tiles is both an art and a science, and Shieldcoat excels at both. Our Terrabond Terracotta Tile Sealer is specifically formulated to penetrate and seal porous clay terracotta, protecting the tiles from cracking and water ingress, while keeping the original colours intact. Alternatively, our Roofbond Roof Membrane can be used to change the colour of the tiles to better suit your tastes. For a thorough restoration, Roofbond Flexible Pointing ensures your ridge capping is held firmly in place, and leak free. Dealing with organic growth like mould and lichens? Mouldshield C is your solution, keeping your tiles free from unsightly and damaging growth. Combining these products, Shieldcoat offers a comprehensive, reliable solution for terracotta tile roofs, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection.

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What you need to know to get started.

Assess Your Roof

Start with a thorough inspection of your terracotta tiles to understand their condition and restoration needs.

Clean and Prep

Use Mouldshield C prior to pressure cleaning to remove any organic growth, ensuring a clean surface for the sealer and membrane application. Re-point ridge capping with Roofbond Flexible Pointing.

Apply Terrabond Clear Sealer

Apply Shieldseal W followed by Terrabond Terracotta Tile Sealer for deep penetration and long lasting protection of the porous tiles.

Prefer to change the colour?

Apply Shieldseal CT401, and then choose from a variety of Roofbond Roof Membrane colours to update the tile's aesthetic while providing lasting protection.


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