Connecting Homeowners to Manufacturer and Tradesperson. Shieldcoat Select.

Unfortunately when things go wrong, homeowners have often found themselves caught in the middle of a disagreement between manufacturer and tradesperson. In response to this the “Shieldcoat Select Program” was launched in 2005 with the purpose of ensuring the homeowner receive the best possible paint and coating solutions in Australia.

The Shieldcoat Select Program connects the homeowners to our nationwide network of certified tradespeople that have been trained to deliver a superior experience. Ensuring the right system is applied to Shieldcoat approved specification and backed with a comprehensive Warrantee.

Key Features

• Best industry WARRANTY on product life, quality and service
• All Shieldcoat Select projects include the our Colourfast Warranty
• Only certified tradespeople involved – from inspection to execution
• Quick turnaround – from inquiry to inspection in 36 hours
• All projects under the program are executed on a timeline that works for you

This ensures:

• We only use the best products
• All coatings and paints are applied by trade professionals
• The right quantity of the right material is used and applied to specification
• One call, does it all

Have further questions about this service? Gives us a call today, and let Shieldcoat make it happen.


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