Connecting Homeowners to Manufacturer and Tradesperson

Over the last 25 years, homeowners have often found themselves left in the middle of a fight between the manufacturer and the tradesperson. Launched in 2005, the Shieldcoat Select Program focusses on ensuring homeowners get the best paint and coating solutions in Australia with a peace of mind!

The Shieldcoat Select Program allows homeowners to leverage our nationwide network of certified tradesperson that have been trained to deliver nothing but superior experience GUARANTEED. After all, this is the least we could do after developing Australia’s finest paints and coating solutions.

Key Features

  • All projects under the Shieldcoat Select Program are covered under the Colourfast Guarantee
  • Quick turn around – from inquiry to inspection in 36 hours
  • Only certified tradesperson involved – from inspection to execution
  • No need to disrupt your schedule. All projects under the program are executed on a time that works for you
  • Best in industry GUARANTEE on product quality, service and life of our solutions. This ensures:
    • We only use products that are required for your needs
    • The right quantity of the products are used
    • All coatings and paints are uniform in thickness
  • Single source: Have questions about the products or the application service? You only need Shieldcoat to answer all you questions!


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